While huge projects likely require a plumber or electrician, there are times when a professional handyman is a perfect fit. Think of a handyman as a way to check do-it-yourself projects off your list — like changing a leaking faucet — without needing to get your hands dirty. This saves you time and avoids accidents or costly mistakes. How can you find the right handyman?

Essential Qualifications of a Professional Handyman

There’s a big difference between a professional handyman and someone who advertises their services but doesn’t really know what they’re doing. Here’s how you can tell the difference:

  • Licensed: If you want high-quality work, always look for licensed, certified professionals. This tells you that the person or company is legitimate.
  • Bonds and insurance: Insurance is key to protecting your house and finances. Insurance keeps your property safe if something goes wrong during repairs, and it also prevents you from assuming liability if the handyman or a helper is injured at the worksite. Bonds give you a work guarantee that the project will be performed correctly.
  • Project expertise: A great handyman should have lots of previous experience in the type of project they’re undertaking. This may be for small pipe fixes or larger deck-building projects.
  • Equipment: To ensure excellent work, it’s good to know that a professional has the right tools for the job. Don’t be afraid to ask how they’re going to complete the required task. A pro takes the time to explain the project to you.

Handyman or Construction Company?

How can you tell if a handyman or a construction company is a better fit for your project? It depends on the scope and building permits required. Whole-house system replacements geared towards electricity, heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, expansion and renovation usually need the expertise of a construction company.

Things such as hanging a door, painting the interior or exterior of your home, cleaning storm drains, replacing light fixtures and other services are often in the scope of a handyman. Look for the option that meets your project budget but also delivers the high-quality work your home deserves.

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