A fire can tear through your home in minutes, destroying years of memories and precious mementos. The flames can also send soot spiraling through the air as the smoke soaks into everything in the area. Though there are many things a DIY homeowner can do to alleviate secondary problems in other types of disasters, after fire damage, it is best to hire a professional to handle the repairs.

Initial Problems With Fires

Flames can singe wood, but they can also weaken wood’s fibers as the fire moves through sections of your home. To add further issues to the disaster, the blaze may also damage areas of the structure that are difficult to see. Even if the flames were contained in a small area, the hidden damage to walls, insulation, ceiling, and flooring could be much greater than estimated at first glance. That is often due to the amount of water used to fight the fire and how the building materials react to the standing water left behind by the fire department personnel.

Secondary Problems With Fires

Fires can result in secondary fire damage situations that many homeowners are unaware of. Holes in the roof can invite animals or inclement weather to cause further problems to the structure. Standing water on floors, in crawlspaces, or in attics can allow mold growth – a potentially dangerous situation.

Professionals Deal With Fires

After dealing with the initial problems left by the fire, and moving on to prevent secondary issues, a team of fire cleanup professionals can work with a contractor to remove the soot and smoke odor left behind throughout your entire home. The cleanup effort may include sanitizing large areas, ozone fogging rooms, or deodorizing odor-filled sections of your home.

Hiring a professional to deal with your home’s damage after any type of fire can save you time and money, but it can also give you peace of mind. Hidden fire damage can be difficult to deal with, so hire someone that understands the nuances of soot and smoke. You won’t regret the decision when the lingering odors are gone.

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