If you live an area where the weather conditions are brutal on the exterior of your home, over time you will have to think about the siding. If you have wooden siding, you may experience rot, cupping or buckling that will need to be addressed long before making a decision about how to restore the finish. When it comes to your exterior, you have two options. You can choose to paint what is existing or you can invest in siding replacement.

When to Paint

Generally speaking, a home with wood siding in a moderate climate zone will need to be repainted every five to seven years. Moist air and rainy weather can make it sooner. Depending on the prep work that needs to be done, the size of the home and the type of paint selected, this could actually cost a small fortune over time. If the siding is in good condition, without rotting or broken areas, it would safe to paint over the existing surface. However, you will need to thoroughly clean and prep the exterior for the paint to adhere and dry well.

When to Replace

Siding replacement should happen when the cost of continual maintenance and repair outweighs the costs of one-time siding installation. Although vinyl siding can warp and loosen over time, this is one of the most cost efficient installations for your home’s exterior. You can also specify the color without having to paint. If there has been significant damage to your home’s existing siding, whether it be wood or vinyl, it may be cheaper to look for a long term solution and replace the whole exterior.

The only way to know whether you need to paint your siding or look at siding replacement is by getting several estimates for both options. This will allow you to weight what is most cost efficient and make the best long-term decision.

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